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BICTE 2019 facilitated a variety of conversation around this year’s theme. The BWA recognizes that there are differing theological convictions and perspectives and sought through the presenters, responders, and breakout session leaders to give intentional expression to the diversity of theological convictions. Papers and presentations, orally and printed, are the perspective of the presenter alone and do not necessarily reflect the position of the BWA.

BICTE Conference Book (Includes Plenary Papers)

BICTE Responses Plenary I – Baptist Women in Ministry: Their Unique Contribution The Charism of Women in Ministry presented by Molly T. Marshall (USA) Respondent: Frank Rees (Australia) Respondent: Ksenija Magda (Croatia) Respondent: Everton Jackson (Jamaica)

Plenary II – Baptist Women and Spiritual Formation Across Generations Incarnation of Faith: Akiko Matsumara as a Model of Japanese Baptist Women's Spirituality presented by Eiko Kanamaru (Japan) Respondent: Lina Toth (Lithuania/Scotland) Respondent: Angela Reed (Canada/USA) Respondent: Nora Lozano (Mexico/USA) 

Plenary III – Bible Translations and How They Have Affected Women's Engagement in the Church and Society Presented by Valérie Duval-Pujol (France) Respondent: Melody Maxwell (USA/Canada) Respondent: Kilama Dennis (Uganda) Respondent: Dinorah Mendez (Mexico) 

Plenary IV – The Place of Women in a Baptist Theology of Ministry Presented by Paul Fiddes (UK) Respondent: Amy Chilton (USA) Respondent: Atola Longkumer (India) Respondent: Mateusz Wichary (Poland)

Plenary V – Baptist Women in Challenging Contexts and How They Shape the Church Today "When the Love of Christ Rules Over Us, We Are Accountable!" Presented by André Bokundoa-Bo-Likabe (DR Congo) Respondent: AK Lama (India)

Plenary VI – Vocational Call: Family, Society, and Ministry "Run, Ma, Run" presented by Regina Sudheer Alexander (India) Respondent: Louise Kretzschmar (South Africa) Respondent: Elizabeth Newman (USA) Respondent: Guilherme Almeida (USA/Brazil) 

Creative Arts: Poem - "Together"Poem - "Stand Up and Speak Out"Commissioned Artwork - Artist Ali Taylor was commissioned to create the linked mosaic specifically for BICTE. A portion of all sales proceeds from this piece will be donated to the Baptist World Alliance. To order , visit her website: (Photo Rendering of Final Piece: "Prophesy")

Event Photos: Photo Gallery (Use password BICTE2019 to access)  

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