WOKE? Assessing the Consciousness of the Church from North American Eyes 

  • A Paper Presented to the Baptist World Alliance Commission on Racial and Gender Issue at the 2019 Annual Gathering in Nassau, The Bahamas
  • Written by Rev. Starlette Thomas, MDiv. Rev. Thomas has spoken at Baptist World Alliance gatherings in Zurich, Switzerland, and Nassau, The Bahamas, the World Council of Churches North America, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the Servant Leadership School in Washington D.C. on the Church’s role in the ministry of reconciliation, the sociopolitical construct of race, and aracial theology. Her writing on the race-less gospel of Jesus Christ was featured in Faith Forward: A Dialogue on Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity (Woodlake Publishing, 2013). Her blog entitled Raceless Gospel, previously known as The Daily Race, has been featured on the Associated Baptist Press and Ethics Daily websites among others. She has also written for Baptist News Global and Urban Ministries, Inc. 
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